• Exclusive distributor of artificial stone by Lotte Chemical Corporation, South Korea
  • We have offices and representatives
    in 15 countries all over the world
Staron — acrylic stone
Staron acrylic stone has won a firm position in the sphere of interior design.

A rich palette of textures allows you to implement projects in any styles and colour schemes.

Staron acrylic stone is free of polyester resins and other human-unfriendly components.

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Radianz — engineered quartz
Engineered quartz is a material which is widely used in the interiors of public buildings and residential premises, and its popularity is growing every year.

Radianz brand is the engineered quartz made by Lotte Chemical, the world-leading manufacturer of solid surfaces. The world-famous manufacturer pays special attention to the quality and safety of materials.

A complex multi-level manufacturing process of Radianz engineered quartz ensures high, micropore-free density, as well as hardness and wear resistance.
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Cirrus — premium engineered quartz

Cirrus engineered quartz colour range is a collection of selected and the most valuable marble textures.

Each Cirrus colour is the result of painstaking work to study the characteristics of marble varieties, select harmonious colours, and recreate them in a modern material.

Like a natural stone, each Cirrus slab is unique, and its texture is inimitable. Cirrus engineered quartz - luxury of marble textures, embodied in a modern and practical material.
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Our benefits
  • Reliable supplier
    • Warranty for the delivered goods
    • Faithful execution of obligations
    • Quick and constructive solution of complex issues
    • Fast closure of a deal
  • Convenient cooperation

    • Flexible discount system
    • Special prices for project orders
    • Reservation with no advance fee
    • Shipment by ½ and ¼ sheet for all collections
    • Original glue and variety of tools for material processing
  • Logistics infrastructure
    • 50,000 sheets — warehouse capacity of the company
    • 20,000 sheets — home warehouse complex in Domodedovo, Russia
  • Retail outlets
    • Our samples are displayed in 90% of kitchen and bathroom equipment showrooms
  • Worldwide
    • 15 countries of operation
    • More than 100 dealers
  • Technical assistance
    • Support in solving complex issues in project development, production and product installation
    • Regular training
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